Development Areas

The coaching programmes I work on are designed to support already successful and high potential leaders to accelerate their career development. They typically focus on behavioural change to improve personal, team and business performance in one or more of the following areas. Each programme is carefully tailored to both the individual development needs and the specific company requirements.

  • Balance strategic leadership with operational execution to deliver short, medium and long term results.
  • Give direction, prioritise objectives and manage workload in line with business strategy.
  • Make clear decisions, prioritise objectives and manage workload.
  • Influence stakeholders to initiate change and collaborate effectively in international matrices.
  • Demonstrate excellent interpersonal skills to communicate, influence and manage conflict effectively.
  • Inspire and motivate individuals / teams to optimise individual and business performance as a 'leader or leaders'.
  • Operate at the right level of detail for the role and delegate and empower effectively.
  • Demonstrate an appropriate level of confidence, gravitas and executive presence.

Coaching Programmes

Examples of typical coaching programmes are given below. Initial contracts are usually 6-12 months and may last up to 3 years. Coaching takes place in person in UK / in the country where the leader is based and in telephone or video calls.

  • German Senior Vice President (SVP) (Global executive committee member) of major technology company. President of N. America. (Also VPs/EDs and 'Top Talent' report in all geographies) 
  • American VP Global Merchandising for a multi brand travel company. reporting to the President.
  • British VP Europe for an global cloud computing company.
  • German Group Head of Functional Controlling for a global chemical company.
  • British Group Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), VP Commercial Asia and Turkish, Greek, Russian and British CEOs of various businesses of a global brewing company.
  • British MD, COO and Group HR Director of a leading structural steel company.
  • Commercial Director Europe, Business Unit Directors for a global pharmaceutical company..
  • Dutch Managing Director Europe CBU / Director of Global Sales for a global chemical and engineered materials company.
  • British Global Client and Policy Servicing Executive for a major insurance corporation.
  • Senior Director Technology Development at an global biotechnology and genetic sequencing company.
  • Australian Director of Global Sales and Marketing of UK subsidiary of a hyper luxury car manufacturer.
  • Italian and Indian Business Group Directors (role now called MD) and Russian Director, of a major bank.
  • Singaporean MD Investor Relations, Europe (global responsibilities) for a property investment / financial services business. 
  • Belgian Regional VP and other senior leaders in a global industrial technology company.
  • Global FD, Global HR Director, Global Strategy Director, Global Sales Director of a UK based subsidiary of a global cosmetics company. VP Global MarketingRegional CFO, VP Legal, VP HR and Eastern and Western European GMs of the parent company.