German Senior Vice President Worldwide Enterprise Segment and President North America, $40 bn. Global Technology Company

"Thank you for the very insightful discussion over your final feedback report. This concludes a very successful coaching program over the last 2 years and I want remark a couple of things:

  • First your qualification goes beyond any coach I ever worked with. Your experience as an executive in charge running a business prior to your coaching career combined with a strong capability to understand barriers beyond just the business environment makes you uniquely qualified to coach executives to a senior level. Your coaching was quintessential to my promotion to Senior Vice President.
  • Second I found your method of 360 interviews combined with consolidated feedback highly effective. It created a feedback mechanism, that was highly trustworthy and balanced.
  • Finally I want to recognize your strong capability to effectively connect to every relevant level of the organization (from the President to the sales manager). This allowed you to make your feedback very relevant to me and the entire organization.

I seriously thank you for the time and energy to spend in this program. The result could have not been more effective."

British Group Chief Commercial Officer, $10 bn. Global Brewing Company

“I was a participant on the London Business School School course three years ago and whilst I loved the time in London, the biggest benefit without any doubt has been the coaching. I was at a stage in my career where the nature of my role was changing hugely. What had got me to where I was wasn’t going to help me move forward – the challenges I faced were very new to me. Having Diane as my coach has helped me grow from my previous role as VP Commercial Asia into becoming a ‘leader of leaders’ as Chief Commercial Officer, navigating a really challenging transition period.  Having additional coaching is probably one of the most valuable gifts the company can give you."

Italian Business Group Director / Managing Director, Major European Bank

"Diane has the extraordinary ability to understand what needs to happen to enable me to change. Being coached by her has been the turning point in helping me to achieve a significant promotion. As a result, I have completed a difficult chapter, I understand myself much better and I have learned a great deal about how to develop my leadership skills."

Singaporean Managing Director, Marketing & Investor Relations, Europe USA based real estate investment business

"I was not sure what to expect from Executive Coaching and was cynical about how much I would benefit from this.  I chose Diane as she had the right combination of corporate and coaching experience and professional gravitas to command respect. I also felt a personal empathy to enable a close and open relationship to be developed. In just two months, Diane has helped me identify the key areas in leadership development and advised on practical and simple actions to transform the way I work and how others perceive me. She is genuinely interested in helping me connect better with my colleagues and manage my workload so I enjoy my work more whilst achieving my leadership potential. She listens patiently and asks pertinent questions to understand the complete picture. Diane continues to guide me to put my plan into action and I have noticed the improvement in my outlook and how my colleagues perceive me. I cannot recommend Diane highly enough".

British Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Managing Director, American global mass media company

"When I think back on the way I operated before I started being coached by Diane, I am amazed and delighted at the transformation to my current state. I feel much more effective at dealing with business problems and challenging relationships, more powerful and more in control of both myself, and the agenda around me. The process does take time, effort and commitment, but in Diane I have found a coach with the wisdom, personal style and sense of fun to make it straightforward."

British Senior Vice President, Global Direct Selling, global cosmetics and beauty products company (now Executive VP & Chief Commercial Officer)

"I have known Diane since July 07, during which time she has coached six of my direct reports and one of my mentees. All of these leaders were participating in 12 month, Accelerated Development Programs as they have high potential for future global Executive Committee roles. The range of performance and behavioural change areas she has worked on with these leaders has been as broad as it is possible to be. In all cases, Diane has identified the key areas for her coachees to work on and has helped them to make significant progress to reach their development goals. Diane’s style is sensitive and discrete to both the executives she is supporting and to the management who engage her services. She works almost invisibly to achieve these results. On reflection this is surprising, as there has been huge potential for ‘fireworks’ given the diverse range of strong personalities and cultures she has worked with, the number of stakeholder meetings she has conducted at all levels of the global business and the difficult messages she has had to deliver to her coachees from stakeholder feedback. I would not hesitate to engage her services in the future to assist with the development of the next generation of talent."